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the Xtreme Floating Weigh sling in Camou and Green style! This retainer sling is equipped with a special soft "mesh" cloth, which provides the perfect protection for the fish. By means of the floaters, the fish can be safely hung in the retainer sling for a short period of time. This gives you the possibility to prepare your photo and film material without the fish suffering as a result. The Pro Line Xtreme Floating Weigh sling is equipped with reflectors and a mini marker which makes it easy to see even in the dark. Because of the handy pocket on the side, the cord including stainless steel ring and screw can easily be stored. By means of the screw
the Xtreme Floating Weigh sling can easily be screwed onto a bench stick. At the top two adjustable spreader beams are attached so that each size carp has enough space in this retainer sling.

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